How one woman is helping SMEs can stop wasting money on Google Adwords (with case study) When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of advertising spend and marketing strategies, many small businesses tend to rely on a blend of guesswork and hoping for the best. After all, sophisticated tracking techniques are usually expensive in terms of staff resource and cost, and usually the reserve of medium to larger enterprises. However, thanks to UK entrepeneur Gemma Turner, there is a new and surprisingly affordable way to help you understand which marketing tactics are proving most effective for your business is software which monitors where customers who phone your business originally came across your advertisement and which keywords led to them making the call.  Call conversion services have dramatically dropped in price since being introduced a few years ago, with current services now on offer from just £65 per month. Call conversion technology is an effective way for businesses to effectively measure the ROI of their digital marketing and to find out whether or not they are wasting their money on the wrong type of marketing for their business. Call Conversion software can be  integrated with Google Analytics to monitor exactly which campaigns are inciting customers to pick up the phone and call. It can even help to measure the effectiveness of adverts on offline platforms such as print, TV and radio. The technology is now available where even small businesses can analyse the customer’s journey down to keyword level if the business has a Google AdWords campaign. Article [...]

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