How NLP can influence your Business? By Florencia Serritella    Have you ever wondered why other people are succeeding in their businesses and you are still struggling to pay bills?  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has the answer for you. One of the main principles that NLP stands for is the fact that everyone has the resources they need to achieve everything they want. If someone else is succeeding on doing something and you are not, it is NOT because they are smarter, or cuter, or wealthier, or luckier, or whatever lie you are telling to yourself; it is just because they are doing something than you are not. (….yet!).  This powerful tool called Modelling is probably the most important NLP skill.  How does this work? By observing and copying the ways others achieve results so that you get a “tested formula” on how to achieve your goals.  When I decided to create my two businesses “Flor Real” and “Add Some Latino to your life”, I knew I needed to model the most successful business people in order to achieve my goals. After years of studying their behavior and having now built a successful business, I´ve created the five principles on how to transform your business to a wealthy and a world changing force. Principle #1 Have positive money beliefs If you are creating a business and you want to make money out of it, the first thing to do is to double-check that you have a good relationship with money. If you have “money issues” everything you do for your business to succeed will be useless because you will manage to self-sabotage your prospec [...]

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