Dr. Mona Moldoveanu Pologea How I turned my passion into a real business                                                   By Randi Morse Dr. Mona Moldoveanu Pologea has a PhD in linguistics and is the founder of ROLANG, a school in Bucharest that teaches Romanian as a foreign language and provides training courses to Romanian language teachers. ROLANG is an international award winning language school and a member of the European Language Council. Mona is the author of Romanian language textbooks ‘Learn Romanian’, ‘Ghid de exprimare corectă în presă’, and ‘Romanian Verbs’. She also volunteers on a number of projects that promote entrepreneurship, including working with high school and university students to encourage entrepreneurial initiatives and producing and moderating the television show ‘Cultural Entrepreneurship’.   How would you describe your upbringing? I was a very studious student and I was very interested in foreign languages. I loved the Romanian language and I knew from the 5th grade that I [would] do the philology faculty because that was my passion. What led you to pursue a career in linguistics? Coming from a small town [in] Romania [to] the capital, I was very motivated to learn as many things as possible. The doctoral internship in linguistics opened my perspectives in language teaching, developed my critical thinking, and taught me how to write a complex thesis, bringing original ideas. In parallel with the doctorate, I was a cultural manager and I taught the Romanian language to the foreign students at th [...]

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