Betty Encinales How I re-invented myself Betty’s story has been very challenging but also inspiring. Having arrived in London alone at the age of 19, learning a second language from scratch, intending to adapt to a different culture, facing many obstacles, differences and, stereotypes that she had to face when she moved from her home country, it was very tough for her. Yet she has achieved many of her dreams and goals. Betty now has the opportunity through her job as a director of Becruit Recruitment to help others, by opening many new doors on their careers and encourage them to believe in their selves, and pushing them an extra mile to work hard in order to achieve their objectives. She says that her father has always been the one person that influenced her life all the way. He taught her that everything is possible, he encouraged her to dream Big and to live a life without limits and be fearless… “You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you” Betty tells us. This interview reveals an insight into how Betty managed to achieve success in life.   Why did you choose England to start a new chapter in your life? I didn’t really choose England, I came to England by a “lucky accident”. It turned out to be the perfect place for me to learn about the meaning of my life journey … I arrived being a spoilt rebel teenager and turned into a dedicated hardworking entrepreneur. Only after living in England I got, by experience, to learn the meaning of true friendship, what family [...]

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