How Global Woman is Supporting Women Entrepreneurs  Mirela Sula – Founder of Global Woman At this turbulent time we all are trying to keep a positive mindset, stay healthy and resilient. One of my favourite things that I always love at Global Woman Club is the community of entrepreneurs and small businesses who work hard, and share the same vision, like us to inspire and empower others. We see amazing examples of this every day, women in our community who start a business with passion and create a big vision to do good in the world. I always believed in the power that women have inside, and the way they can use it, to create a positive impact in the world. What makes Global Woman Club special is the community spirit, and the faith that we all have in a better future. When we come together we always find ways to have fun and contribute to a collective happiness (sharing jokes, do make up, photo-shoots, live videos, hugging each other and spreading so much love). We still can do this, even though physically we are not together. Many women in our community talk about energy and consciousness. Energetically we are all the time together, and the part always belongs to the whole.We want to keep and nourish this faith, and today is more important then ever before. As the world continues to feel the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), I’m committed to offer my contribution in order to help women entrepreneurs to succeed, but also any woman who needs support. And I’m calling on women entrepreneurs everywhere to ignite their resilience and call their entrepreneurial spirit, [...]

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