How an ancient time management secret can help you succeed Victoria Miracle – PurposeFULL Calendar™ Have you ever caught yourself thinking: “I’m a little too late or a little too early”? Missed important meetings? Business not in flow? I know it may sound woo, but It’s possible that you may have picked the wrong day. Why are we often unproductive on Friday afternoons? Why is it easier to mistake a Wednesday for a Thursday than a Sunday for a Monday? Why does the Wednesday immediately preceding Thanksgiving Day often “feel” like a Friday, and the Tuesday immediately following Labour Day like a Monday? Most people are completely unaware of the powerful 9-day cycle that is actually meant for us to live our lives. Unlike the day and year, the week is an artificial rhythm that was created by humans totally independently of any natural periodicity. So, let’s create a week cycle that will bring you more profits, purpose, and progress, shall we? PurposeFULL Calendar™ is a science-based system that centres around a 9-day cycle that can dictate anything you do based on your birth day, month, and year. Why birthday you may ask? Today, the main carrier of information for a person is their digital code, their Metric. All the goods that we have in the world today are digitised. Pictures, books, everything! Everything has its own numerological codes, so a person also has their own numerological code. It exists from the moment a person is born, it is affixed to the birth certificate, and before it was called Metrics. The 7-day schedule origina [...]

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