Here’s How You Get Men to Sit Up and Listen When it Comes to Gender Inequality By Jake Ward  The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) was keen to celebrate International Women’s Day in style so it brought in strategic communications consultancy, MHP Communications to help it come up with a disruptive twist. Having worked on a number of live video streams in the past with live streaming expert, Groovy Gecko, MHP thought bringing that disruptive twist into live video would be the perfect way to demonstrate gender equality in a meaningful way, and a great way for the CMI to have its first-ever foray into live video.   Hosted by the CMI, the stream featured a panel debate on gender equality and a live Q&A session with viewers. The Gender Equality Debate The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. Providing thorough training programmes and qualifications, it aims to facilitate better led and managed organisations. The institute has been tracking the gender pay gap since 1970, a recent report into which revealed that a whopping 85% of women report experiencing discriminatory behaviour in the workplace. To mark International Women’s Day earlier this year, MHP, CMI’s strategic communications consultancy, arranged a Facebook Live panel Q&A with several gender equality activists to launch the Broken Windows campaign, which aims to call out and fix gender discriminatory behaviour in the workplace. The panel was live streamed directly into [...]

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