Why we need to promote and support entrepreneurial thinking in schools BY FATI GOREZI Hemma M. Allmann, at just 24 years young, is a powerful young lady and is a highly sought-after resource for personal growth/transformation and self-development. Her purpose is to help as many people as possible on this planet to live a life of infinite abundance, happiness, freedom, inner/outer fulfilment and peace! Hemma is an authentic leader specialising in personal growth, self-empowerment and self-improvement, especially for children, teenagers and young adults and has reached out to more than 1000 students in elementary schools, high-schools and universities to educate, train and transform them into a better version of themselves! For more than five years, Hemma has passionately researched and studied personal growth, transformation and meditation while sharing it with our world! And, in her own words, she likes to “Disrupt formal education through meditation, mindfulness and self-improvement.” She inspires, motivates and enlightens the future generation to take charge of their own lives and to recognise their own, divine and unlimited potential within! Hemma M. Allmann grew up in a very small rural area in the south of Austria. She was always ‘out of the ordinary’ and had her own will and vision for her life even though, at one point, she felt very lost and was looking for her place in the world. Hemma followed her intuition to leave her country and go on a very long journey in order to ‘find herself’ and seek the answers that she desperately wanted to be answered [...]

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