Dr. Laura Götz – Helping women lead healthy and happy lives By Fatima Gorezi Dr. Laura Götz is the owner of three different businesses, which allows her to contribute in a daily basis to her vision of helping women lead healthy and happy lives. As a gynecologist, her original focus was on infertility, a topic she even published a number of scientific papers on. Eventually, her passion shifted to public health. Working with women made her realise the desperate need for the medical system to go back to its roots and tend to quintessential yet neglected doctor-patient relationship, which has stranded over the years. Her online platform “Women from A to Z” provides free medical advice for hundreds of thousands in her native country of Romania. Women who are going through a life crisis or suffer from psychosomatic illnesses benefit from her coaching method, which will be detailed in a book launching by the end of 2020. Tell us about your early life and your journey from Romania to Germany? I was born right after the fall of communism. Being young, I picked up western values (like gender equality and meritocracy) very quickly. That’s what I was taught at home, but the reality was different, so I always knew I ought to move to a country which shared my values. Striving for excellence in my field drove me to work as a doctor in Germany, and my business interests brought me to the UK. I always want to learn from the best, so here I am, where I truly belong! Your vision is to help women lead healthy and happy lives. Tell us more about “Women from A to Z” platform. G [...]

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