Sabrina Rantin Helping women heal broken heart and move on By Fatima Gorezi  With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Sabrina Rantin has seen first hand what builds a successful team. Today, she is the CEO of Explosive Business, a multimillionaire Business Coaching Company that went from Zero to 5.2 Million USD in 18 months. After becoming one of the leaders of the French coaching industry, Explosive Business decide to expand to the global market beginning by Europe, North America and Australia. As the right hand woman of Eric Behanzin, the founder of Explosive Business, Sabrina became an International Speaker and a leading authority in building teams that will directly result in a profitable business in any industry. Her credo : If you want to have lifetime clients, you must have lifetime employees. On Stage, her fire becomes contagious and her powerful words encourages every entrepreneur to transform any trials in a gift he will use for his teams and clients. Please tell us about your childhood; where did you grow up?
 I come from Guadeloupe an overseas region of France in the Caribbean and I was born in the commune of Morne-à-L’Eau. I moved to UK when I was 18. Can you please tell us about your career path—i.e., how did you get to your current position? For 15 years, I’ve been an executive assistant for different multinational corporations, but it was just to pay my bills. I remember that little inner voice that echoed regularly inside me: “Sabrina, what are you doing here? this is not your place!”. Although this decision was v [...]

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