Harmony Murphy – Ambition, Action and Altruism By Fati Gorezi Harmony Murphy has worked from the age of 15, starting her internship whilst at school with ‘7 Publishing’ and then moving to the EMI record label to do an internship for the ‘Music Sound Foundation’. Her mother is her great role model and entrepreneur. Harmony has self-studied digital advertising from programming to quantum computing, and she has also taught herself two extra languages, Portuguese and Spanish. She has also worked on multi-million-pound accounts including ‘Rolex’ and ‘HSBC’ as well as agency work for big publishers such as ‘TIME Inc’ and ‘The Telegraph’. She now shares with us some interesting aspects of her life and her entrepreneurial journey. What are the biggest challenges that female entrepreneurs across the world face during their entrepreneurial journey? The number of female entrepreneurs is definitely growing. According to …. women-owned businesses grew 45% between 2007 – 2016, 5 times faster than the national average. However, despite this research conducted on behalf of The Telegraph, the findings reveal that the majority of female business owners – 65% – found themselves not being taken seriously when initially setting up their businesses. In 2016 women received just 2% of investor and venture capital funding, and women-led businesses made up only 4.9% of VC investment. Campaign’s like ‘The Telegraph’s Women Mean Business’ have drawn attention to this issue but there are still too few female investors and start-up entr [...]

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