Tatjana was born in Estonia and came to the UK soon after the “Iron Curtain” fell down – initially to learn English and pick strawberries. She moved to London to study in college, and launched her first business during her second year. She became a self-made millionaire by the age of 29. Today, Tatjana owns a number of successful companies, including Win Investing LLP and The Wealth Training Company LLP, both providing education in the fields of personal finance and investing. Having built a successful business herself, Tatjana realised that there must be more to life than making millions or having a nice home and family.   What inspired you to start a business? Do you still feel the same way? Soviet reality. As an 18 year old girl, it would be unimaginable living away from parents and being able to support myself. So I took an opportunity that was advertised in a newspaper, to go to UK and pick strawberries. I had to give up my last year of school in order to earn enough money for a plane ticket (it was around £500 back then which equated my 8 month salary). So I picked strawberries, flowers, and Brussel sprouts in fields before coming to London to learn English. When I moved to London, I worked in a sandwich bar for £2.50/hour, then in a publishing company that also organised conferences for former USSR republics. I thought I could do the same business better, so I formed a limited company and started doing it for myself. It seemed like common sense and an obvious path. Working for someone was always like a temporary solution. How did you get funded? W [...]

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