My Mission to Inspire Women Worldwide  By Gloria Ward There are those that sit back and let life happen to them, and there are those that make life happen for them. When I look at the women of The I’m Loving Me Project (ILMP), in each I see a warrior. In each woman I see a light that has lit the path for other women to heal. When one person opens up, a door is opened for others to share, heal, and grow. This is what we’re about at The I’m Loving Me Project. We’re a community, a sisterhood. Women come to us with open arms and we’re the ear that listens and the light that guides. We’ve listened as rape and abuse victims became survivors. We’ve cried hearing the stories of childhood trauma turn women into purposeful entrepreneurs. We’ve shared tears, laughs, and glasses of wine as we’ve watched each woman inspire one another.  We’ve built a community of warriors here at ILMP. We’re not victims, we’re not here for a pity party. We’re here to claim our lives and our future. Each woman in our sisterhood is out there doing something BIG and that’s what we encourage. This bad-ass mentality is what sets us apart. We’ve all had our obstacles and they’ve all affected us and shaped us in different ways. The choice is whether or not we will let those negative experiences shape us for the better or worse.  Take my story for instance. I grew up in the lower class of the Bronx, New York. My mother was an addict and passed away of AIDS when I was just a child. I had every reason to not excel in life. I had every reason to let my past shape my future but I [...]

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