Grow Your Business From the Ground Up By Fatima Gorezi Natasha Necati is Business Woman, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker. She has a passion to see individuals succeed, be it in business, life goals or just stepping out of the box and stepping up to the challenge of life. She runs multiple businesses with her husband and she loves the excitement of business. Being able to build strategies and putting processes in place. She is the director of Global Woman Club City London and she enjoys speaking to women, entrepreneurs and young people alike. She believes that we are all role models to each other and each of us has something to share. Tell us more about your career and business. Where have you started?  I have been in business for the last 12+ years, and I love what I do. Some days not as much, but I find that having a why – a personal reason why I chose this route – will help on the days that you question yourself as entrepreneurs and as business owners. Having that reason and goal keeps me moving forward, not only for my own personal growth but for the growth of the business. I run the family business with my husband alongside managing a property portfolio and in addition to that, I’m currently creating several new brands. It’s so exciting to go from initial concept, to the design and personality of a new brand, and eventually to the launch. I’ve put a lot of thought into these and I’m excited to see these come to life. One of my passions is to see individuals succeed, not just in business, but in their life goals as well. As business owners, wh [...]

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