Global Woman Club in Johannesburg, South Africa By Saira Bilal  On the 17th June 2018 ‘Global Woman’ magazine launched a new ‘Global Woman Club’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. The inauguration of this new club provides a great opportunity for all African women to join together and use their inspiration, their talents and their vision to take positive action in order to improve their situations and take charge of their lives. All the women taking part in the event were from different backgrounds and had different life-challenges. They were brought together in order to change their lives – and the world – through mutual collaboration, supporting each other and empowering each other through uniting their expertise and personal strengths. ‘Global Woman Club Johannesburg’ is the realization of a vision and mission that serves to bring together women from all different backgrounds to support each other regardless of their background, ethnicity, age or circumstances. FIND MORE ABOUT OUR CLUB Sharing their unique stories and personal missions is a gift that everyone can learn from.  By relating their life stories each speaker encouraged the other attendees to take a deeper look at their own lives and who they really are inside, inspiring them to rediscover their own individual inner beauty and strength. This business-based event incorporated many messages that need to be heard around the globe by women everywhere. Messages that help to empower women financially and to give them the knowledge and the courage to build or grow their own businesse [...]

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