Cristina Moise –Getting results with your clients is the ultimate success  By Fatima Gorezi  Cristina Moise has almost 20 years of experience in performing business consulting for global clients, designing large transformation programs while delivering significant business impact. She is passionate about supporting people in transforming their lives and empowering them to become the best version of themselves. Cristina is the founder of Refresh Your Mind Consulting and has always believed that at the core of every transformation program in any company, are the people. She has a curious mind, constantly learning and growing through the work she is doing at speaking and training events, as well as through her educational path. Cristina has taken EMBA and various Leadership Development Programs to become a certified NLP Trainer and Coach. When did all of it begin? Can you give us a brief overview of your entrepreneurial journey? For me this journey first started with the passion and curiosity for knowledge, wanting to learn more about myself, my purpose, my potential and I believe this has always been the core matter for me. I remember in high school when I was discovering some very insightful and interesting books about art, history, human civilization and the mysteries of the universe and it led me to wanting to explore further. Then I pursued a typical corporate career where I was leading people and projects with many exciting learnings and experiences. However, starting my business in NLP Training and Performance Coaching brought me back to myself, and allowed me [...]

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