SASHA AQUIL-From the catwalk to a first class business portofolio We speak to Italian entrepreneur Sasha Aquil about how she has been able to branch out of modelling to build an equally-attractive business portfolio. There are certain clichés within society that refuse to die, even when the facts are overwhelmingly stacked against them. One of the worst offenders must be that models are lacking in intelligence. The fashion industry is, after all, one of the most competitive, and ruthless, sectors to operate in. Models need to have business smarts alongside beauty if they stand any chance of succeeding in the long term. Italian entrepreneur Sasha Aquil’s career to date perfectly embodies this reality. Since she first stepped out onto the catwalk some 15 years ago, Sasha has risen above the competition to become a go-to model for famed brands, retailers and designers including Ferrari, Harley-Davidson, RossyMerry, SebbyZaccoandKorn Taylor. While constantly in demand for fashion shows and shoots across the world, Sasha has also diversified her services so as not to be entirely dependent on modelling. For the past decade she has been building a second business channel as an international personal shopper and wardrobe consultant, drawing upon her contacts within the fashion world to establish her client base. For Sasha, her entrepreneurial acumen represents the continuation of a proud family tradition, as she explains. “My grandmother was an independent woman who brought up three children on her own, including my mother, while setting up a profitable tailoring business. [...]

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