From professional ballerina to the business world By Gulia Lucci Natasha Waldron used to be a professional ballerina at The Royal Ballet Company. Reaching her 30s made her realise that she needed to leave the world of dance and prepare herself for the business world. Eventually she established UKG Lifestyle in 2007, initially as a concierge company. However, her focus was on providing excellent cleaning services. 18 months ago, she founded a training Academy which now offers accredited and recognised qualifications for her own staff as well as other external organisations. Along her new journey, the business has enjoyed steady growth and continued re-investment. ‘’I am a strong advocate of ‘living your best life’.Taking life into your own hands, realising you have choices and making the most of every opportunity. I believe that continual personal development gives us the strength to deal with whatever life throws at us and as a result allows us to be comfortable with our decisions and enjoy greater happiness.” – says Natasha. Read her interview and be inspired by the force and wisdom of this rare woman.  How did you become an entrepreneur? Can you tell us a bit about yourself? My early career was spent as a professional ballerina with The Royal Ballet Company. For me, this was a dream come true and there was nothing else I wanted to do.   Training was incredibly hard work; we were pushed to the limit to achieve nothing less than perfection, but I loved every second and my passion and love of dance, carried me through the sore feet and tough schedules. My [...]

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