From fashion school to flying celebrities Jacqueline’s journey to becoming a Pilot From catwalks to cockpits, self-confessed “girly-girl”, Jacqueline Traynor, is a 41-year-old female Pilot who decided she wanted to fly planes from aged 18. She’s gone from studying fashion to Cabin Crew to commercial airline Pilot in an inspired career change. Come and see why she’s encouraging other ladies to take to the skies… Jet-setting Jacqueline Since sitting in the cockpit for the first time, Jacqueline Traynor knew her Cabin Crew job was only the beginning. Although nobody in her family trained in aviation, she thinks she might get her passion for planes from her grandpa, who was an avid RAF enthusiast. Now the Captain of a Boeing 737-800 and CRMt (Crew Resource Management trainer) for & Jet2holidays, Jacqueline’s career has taken quite a diversion after studying fashion, making clothes, holding fashion shows and mingling with friends who’ve gone on to work for Armani! It’s taken off to the point of her enjoying a glamourous, globetrotting lifestyle. She’s flown celebs around the world, visited lavish hotels and had 76-tonne aircrafts in her control. The highlights After training as a commercial airline Pilot and being at the helm of the Capital FM ‘Flying Eye’ – a traffic-spotting and reporting service – Jacqueline spilled the beans about the next job she got flying Cessna Citation business jets. “It was great – it taught me a lot and I got to meet and fly some amazing people, mostly celebrities like actors, popstars, politician [...]

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