Linda Attram –Focus relentlessly on your outcome without compromising on your standards By Fatima Gorezi  Entrepreneur, Mother, International Speaker, Author, Martial Artist & Founder of Mothers in Business.For the past twenty years Linda has been running successful property businesses, including a multi-million pounds property portfolio and is the Founder of Mothers in Business. Linda is a meticulous businesswoman, devoted mother, author and a public speaker. She understands the challenges entrepreneurial mothers face, when running a business at the same time and that is why she created ‘Mothers in Business’; to provide a platform for them to grow and feel supported. How did you get your idea or concept for the business? The concept for “Inspiring Mothers in Business” was created from my own real-life personal experiences of juggling the challenges of being a busy mum whilst managing the home and business at the same time.  Being a mother in business has great highs and lows, often at the same time, that can become overwhelming. Sometimes, as women, we keep the lows to ourselves for fear of being judged that we are not good enough or that we are unable to cope.  For many years I kept my low periods to myself in isolation for this very reason. I thought I was the only mother in the world to feel a great deal of guilt in not always enjoying the pleasure of constantly being called ‘Mum’ as it made me feel like my identity was being stripped away. This affected my confidence and at the same time intensified my guilt for spending time on my business [...]

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