Five lessons from five successful women By Mirela Sula   When women connect with their marvellous power they can utilise it, direct it and make it available for the solution of every human problem.  Women of the new paradigm are creating a new truth, a truth that must be told to each generation. This is what we learn from the wisdom that five women have shared with us. Five lesson from women who have achieved success in life.   Veronica Tan – Success resources  Walking in love  A single man can make a difference. Is your life a message or a warning? Gandhi. It is all about building people up, and walking in love. I think that the only way for us to become relevant to the society we are in, is by walking in love. I don’t mean the human selfish love, which loves today and hates tomorrow, but the God kind of love which really is the secret to all success. It doesn’t matter how successful one might seem to be on the outside; remember that real success encompasses many different things. Of course financial success is part of a successful life but you can have all the knowledge in the world, all the resources you could ever wish for, and still not be relevant to this world. Why? Because people want to know that you care about them. If you read about the most successful speakers and trainers in the world, they became successful not because of their personal achievements and knowledge alone, but because of their charisma. Once you really care about the development of the people you are training, then, they open up and trust you. And that’s what changing liv [...]

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