Mirvete Shabani –Finding your own way to a meaningful life By Gulia Lucci Mirvete is happily married and a mother of two. She always liked to work with people, first as a nurse and since 2013, after understanding the potential of food and alternative medicine, she works together with her husband in her restaurant.Mirvette’s VISION is to help people cure their diseases in a natural way with food’s potential and belief.  Her message is that body should not be fed with food and water only, but the most important feeding is SELF-LOVE. How can people cure their diseases in a natural way through belief and the food they eat? “Faith is the key”. Blessed are those who do not see but have faith. It is not easy to have problems with your heart, sharp pain in your chest, no strength, be scared to death and still have faith. My mentor, MimozaThaqi, said to me: “Do not see things how they are but see things how they can be”. To strengthen my faith, she asked me “Who do you listen to when it comes to health?” “Listen to the one who was where you are, and which today is where you want to be one day.” Who is that person, I asked myself, and where do I find him? I, by coincidence, found professor HetemRamadani. He had a heart condition in his youth, and today after 50 years in alternative medicine and food potential, he helps people to heal in a natural way.  When I understood that coincidences do not exist, I eased myself and my life started having a PLAN. So, I took the long road to meet the professor. I adhered to his instructions for 4 strict weeks. He gave m [...]

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