Talia Adika –Entrepreneurship is a Calling, Not a Job By Ellen Smith Talia Adika is an International Health Insurance Professional based in the USA, who guides entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the world. She is in a unique position to help time-challenged entrepreneurs become more productive and profitable by helping them find the Health Insurance they need for their employees, which saves a lot of time and money. It is time and money that they need to grow their business and explore new endeavours. With a core value of integrity, innovation and growth, she seems to have found the formula of success. Tell us more about your background  I hold many roles. I am an Entrepreneur Business Owner, a Wife, Mother to my children, Loving Aunt and Sister to my siblings. Family values have always been dear to my heart. My strong work ethic derives from my strong family values. It is what motivates me to be better and do well for my family as well as others.  Why are you in business ? I am in business because it was a calling. It is something that led me to this point in my life. At one point I walked away from my business, thinking maybe there is something better out there. While I was looking to pursue other ventures, my business never faded. It was constantly calling me and needed my attention. That is when I knew this was my calling. What is unique about your business?  There are so many genuinely different companies and authorities who have specific needs and situations. What made you choose this type of business? The industry was always a part of my [...]

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