Empowerment: A Look Back at the 2018 Global Woman Summit   By Ingrid Johansen I met Mirela Sula at a table in the Javits Convention Center in New York City. I was at a local expo, hungrily seeking guidance as I looked for connections; a new job; a purpose. I was striking out on all fronts until I discovered Mirela. We began talking about Global Woman Club, about connecting women from all over the world to empower them and support their entrepreneurial endeavors. Not only was I feeling inspired by the cause, but I felt like my best self around Mirela. That’s her magic. She brings out the best version of you and demands that you live up to yourself. The more I learned about Global Woman, the more I learned about Mirela. She is the founder of Global Woman Club, which originated in London and now has chapters in seventeen countries. She is from Albania, raised during a time when communist ideals prevailed in her country and women were not supported by society in the same way that men were. She succeeded in establishing the first female-run publishing agency in Albania, and coaching women who were able to break into politics in her country. She later moved to London and expanded a publication she began about migrant workers, and ultimately created Global Woman Club and Global Woman Magazine. Mirela’s passion energizes those she meets, leaving inspired, ambitioned women in her path. Global Woman Club empowers female entrepreneurs and connects them with women from all around the globe. Women are provided with support, visibility, and networking opportunities. Due to the [...]

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