Emma Loveheart  ‘Why it is so important to find your unique niche in the marketplace’ By Fati Gorezi Emma Loveheart is a Radio Show Host and International Speaker based in the UK. She works on improving energy in properties all over the world through her business “Into the Light”. She offers a unique, specialised and exclusive healing service that looks at psychic energy and earth stresses affecting the home and business premises, as well as people connected to those properties. Emma currently has a monthly radio show with ‘News for the Soul’ on which she shares her stories and experiences, discussing some of the finer points of working with what can be ‘dark’ spiritual beings. How do you remember your early life? My early life was always around helping others and working with people. During further education I volunteered at a local old peoples’ home and every friday I would visit and do shopping errands for the elderly residents. We all looked forward to my friday visits! My career started in the service industry and then I progressed into the field of Human Resources. I specialised in employee relations working with employees to resolve performance issues and conflict. It was a good foundation as I now work with people in a more sensitive way, supporting their healing and spiritual journey. Can you tell us more your experience as a Radio Show Host? My monthly radio show on ‘News for the Soul’ broadcasts live on the first Wednesday of every month and gives me the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges I have encountered with my healing home [...]

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