Ela Lair –Inspire Happiness! By Fati Gorezi Ela Lair is a surgeon of the mind; a hands-on professional with over 16 years of applied work experience in dissecting thought patterns, belief structures, attitudes and emotions that often hamper our career development or lead to conflicts in our private lives. Often labelled as the ‘Queen of Thoughts’ Ela has acquired a rare skill-set, having learned how the mind works, and is now able to apply this knowledge helping others shape their lives and careers. She has the talent to simplify complex thinking patterns thus helping people to find the reason for their recurring thoughts and also creating an understanding to help them raise self-awareness regarding the causes of their problems. Ela holds a diploma in ‘Mental Training’ a certificate for communication and business management, as well as for ‘Human Resources’. Ela now reveals exclusively for ‘Global Woman’ magazine her unique personal and business relationship with her clients and the secrets that make her work successful- as well as the challenges she has had to overcome in order to grow internationally. How did you manage to get in touch with yourself so well? Coming across Albert Einstein’s quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” was my great ‘aha’ moment! That’s when I started to learn how to use my mind effectively in order to live as elf-determined life. Constant awareness checking and reflecting on what I’m doing inside of myself and releasing the pains and hurts as well as transforming [...]

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