Anduela Ismaili – Dress for success. Dressing well boosts women’s confidence! By Anna Swarchingova Anduela Ismaili is currently the CEO of Focuslane, a strategic consultancy that works with CEO level to plan from vision to reality. Having worked in an office in the City of London for many years, she looked at the wardrobe going from colourful (when she was a student) to grey, black and dark blue as the professional clothing choices offered in the market were limited. That is why she got inspired to launch Milingona Fashion, a clothing line for women and men in business, especially the ones that want to stand out, same as their voice. She approached potential investors, presented her idea and successfully raised the funds to get the first collection started. Anduela is presenting Milingona Autumn-Winter Collection 2020/21 in Pure London Fashion Show, a must-have collection of comfortable, yet elegant professional outfits. Can you tell us about your childhood and upbringing? I have revolution in my veins: I was born with the fall of communism in Albania, whilst the country was going through significant changes. People finally dared to dream for a better life. My parents, both entrepreneurs, filled my childhood with the most amazing adventures. They allowed me to ride on their motorbike as soon as I could walk. We owned a boat before we even owned a house, and we lived within minutes walk from the Ionian Sea, in a town called Saranda, in Southern Albania. From a young age I was tenacious and knew exactly what I wanted. I was very focused and studious, but al [...]

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