Dr Ervin Laszlo Our future could well depend on Global Woman Phenomenal Women are women who are urgently needed to create a viable, sustainable, and flourishing world for the human species. The reason for this claim can be briefly stated. We are on the threshold of a new era in the adventurous history of the human species on this planet. We have colonised almost all liveable spaces and are tapping almost all readily available natural resources. Further improvements in these areas are limited, except for the possibilities of tapping solar and vacuum energies. The requirement now is not the access and accumulation of more physical resources, but the proper, human and humane use of those resources. Humanity is a complex organism, made up of other complex organisms. It is a global system composed of living human beings. Such systems are inherently unstable: They need to maintain themselves in the condition known to physicists as a state far from thermal and chemical equilibrium. This is only possible if all the elements are constantly in communication with all the other elements, and together are dedicated to maintaining the whole system. In order to achieve this condition, there must be a fine balance between diversity and unity in the system. A balance between the number and the nature of the elements that form the system, and their mutually constitutive relations. In plain language, the system must have the right diversity coupled with the right unity. Now place this insight into the context of the human condition today. We have reached the maximum readily available phy [...]

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