Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk  Dares You to Consciously Create our World By Mirela Sula Mary Ann is a woman who has received many blessings and challenges, the contrast which has produced many extremes when it comes to experiences. Her hearing loss made her appreciate what it really means to be fully present in listening. Her seizures have made her fully appreciate what it means to have full control of her body. Her migraines have made her fully appreciate what it means to be able to embrace a new day with the freedom to decide what to do with pain free moments in the sun. Being raised in a powerful Caucasian family in the United States provided a contrast of being given access to the best education, the best medical care, the opportunity to meet, fall in love with and marry her husband, Joshua. Yet it also placed her in positions to experience what it meant to be spat on in the 1990’s by both Hispanics and Caucasian people for interracially dating. These extremes of contrasts have led her to feel as comfortable in the White House as in a Tolteca temazcal, or at home having tea in the House of Lords, or participating in the Shinto Oomoto Tea Ceremony in Kyoto, Japan with their spiritual teacher. It has also made her believe that anything is possible because she has been told that she couldn’t do something and turned it around and done it more times than she can count. Mary Ann graduated from the accelerated Hockaday high school despite her hearing loss, to help negotiate the first treaty in 300 years between Hopi and Navajo Nations. Her story is absolutely amazing and reve [...]

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