3 actions that each business owner should take right now CoronaVirus Crisis and the Business World: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly By Elena Jnr. Andreou From the title, you most probably have a question already: What is the good thing about #CoronaVirus? Most of us are experiencing the Bad (closing down of almost all businesses…etc) and the Ugly (we hear every day how many thousands of people already died from this virus). So, what is “Good” about Covid-19? Life taught me that every bad situation has something good in it. I believe that seemingly negative events from the COVID-19 pandemic also come with hidden benefits; like the opportunity to slow down and spend more time thinking of your business, and what you could do to improve your brand image or to increase your customer base and sales. One thing I learned in my carrier is that “when things get tough, go back to basics!” So, what is the most important – the no. 1 secret – that I consider vital to any business’ success? Truly understanding its audience, understanding what people need right now! With the Coronavirus, things that were important just a few weeks ago will not land the same way. Everyone is at home, scared and worried! Business owners worrying went into a survival mode! The reality of every one’s life turned upside down: reduced funds, budgets for food, hiding or sharing our fears and anxieties from each other, fighting to remain positive and make the best out of the lockdown. People’s needs are shifting away from luxury and investments, more towards safety and low cost alte [...]

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