Contributing to the product development Salomé Esteves shares the steps to commercial success By Fatima Gorezi  Salomé Esteves is an expert in negotiating domain names with high added value and international brands. As the founder of NameNego, she advises and negotiates for her clients domain names and strategic brands. She assists clients to help them acquire existing domain names or brands in the second market. Its customers are French and international groups present in all sectors of activity (banking, automotive, cosmetics, pharmacy, luxury, audiovisual … ..) based in Europe.Last October, she went to the Web Summit in Lisbon. A friend told her about the meeting organized by Global Woman Club, and she was delighted by this meeting among her women entrepreneurs. It was a revealing encounter. “Think outside the box”, as the Anglosaxons say, is his motto. What can you tell us about your childhood and upbringing and how that has influenced you? I have a precise memory when I was 5 years old, one afternoon, walking with my mother on the street in Paris. The school teacher had drawn a beautiful butterfly on my face and the passers-by looked at me tenderly and smiled at me. I was a very shy little girl and at that time I felt a deep desire to exist in the world. My desire to exist and to succeed pushed me to be studious and applied to school. Very early on, I realized that school would help me build my future. I received an austere education, where there was no place for creativity, during my elementary school years in Portugal. One day when I went to [...]

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