By Srishti Kapoor Ghiya Rushidat is a musician, composer, and video game producer. She was born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Jordan, and is currently residing in Los Angeles. As one of the few female composers of Arab heritage, Ghiya takes pride in shattering stereotypes about women in film music and about Middle Eastern women in general. Despite a physical attack after her concert in Jordan, this resilient artist continues to share her voice and her emotive and provocative scores with American audiences. She is especially interested in scoring films not traditionally offered to women, such as big action films. Ghiya entered the world of music at the age of four. Playing the piano by ear, then receiving formal and classical piano education. From childhood, she intended to become a concert pianist, and followed that path until 2008. Her accomplishments are impressive and she has never let her background define her future success. To date, Ghiya has attended the Royal College of Music in London, become a Sundance Composers Lab Fellow 2019, debuted at Carnegie Hall, composed Hollywood films, received a commission for composition for a Royal Event, and is partnering with an ex-NASA rocket scientist in developing technologies to help children with autism express themselves more freely.   Can you tell me something about yourself? What is music to you? I am just another person who’s a fan of music and happened to take it a bit further in life. I have had music instilled in me since I was a baby in my mother’s womb. She would listen to Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Grieg [...]

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