Christian Iles – The Beauty Architect By Fati Gorezi Many of the most powerful men and women in politics, business, entertainment and sport have called on Christian Iles to prepare them for their biggest national interviews, events and performances. Such notables as Mike Modano, Mark Cuban, Ambassador Nancy Brinker, Cindy Brinker Simmons, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, LeAnn Rimes, Star Jones, Patricia Cornwell, Trish McEvoy, and Liz Smith have all used Iles’ services. Who wouldn’t want to sit in the chair of the man who tamed Janice Dickinson for her close up on E! Television interview or who coiffed the fiery tresses of Naomi Judd and contoured her infamous eyes and cheekbones? Iles prides himself on his southern hospitality and the fact he treats all his clients as friends. There are no limits to the lengths he will go to brighten their day, uplift their spirits and their ‘look’. He goes to events and travels with his clients maintaining their look, and more importantly, keeps them laughing. Currently, Christian Iles is known worldwide as ‘The Beauty Architect’. He works at Dior Beauty, HIghland Park Village, Dallas, Texas and also works in the motion picture funding industry. Christian, can you tell us about your education and work experience? I was attending ‘The University of Texas’ in Austin in my third year when I received a devastating call that informed me that my mother had Stage 4 cancer. I immediately moved home to be close to her. Then, instead of returning to university life my mother s [...]

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