Linda D. Lee  – Choose Collaboration over Competition Linda D. Lee  is the founder of ‘LL Media Group, LLC’. Her company has been providing high-quality products since they launched in 2010. They embrace and educate people on freedom from mental bondage and building healthy relationships. She shares with us her wisdom and explains why collaboration is the best choice to move your business to the next level and succeed. Linda: Collaboration is a working practice among individuals in which they work together to achieve the business benefit or the purpose to achieve a common goal. It is a collaboration that enables these individuals or entrepreneurs to work together for the achievement of some already defined or a common business goal. I experienced this first hand as the founder of a personal development consultancy company. My business flourished as a result of global collaborations in London and Africa. Global collaboration not only increased my skills and abilities but also knowledge in areas I never imagined before. I got so much while choosing collaboration over the competition. I helped many entrepreneurs launch into different capacities of their genius or sphere of influence. Collaboration organization greatly benefits the partner organizations. Collaboration helps in great team building that proves to increase the productivity for the organization. Collaboration between organizations gets more accomplished by combining knowledge, experiences, and skills than if they worked alone. Trusting each other is important in collaborative organizations or collabora [...]

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