Haylee Venus Changing the world through creativity By Lea Steuri Creativity is her life force and her source of inspiration. Haylee Venus is a social entrepreneur, humanitarian activist, singer and creative artist. She established herself through a creative network, Embrace U Empire, and has since been working as a performer, creative artist and entrepreneur within communities and in partnership with community organisations addressing homelessness. She is also starting the fashion show Inspiring Edge amongst other initiatives. Haylee is also the co-founder of the poetry platform Spoken, which uses poetry to cultivate conversation around social change and social action. Haylee not only worked in the UK, but also internationally and set up Make A Step C.I.C., which helps kids and adolescents build their confidence through creative arts and sports volunteer programmes. This woman is on a mission to create the change she wants to see in the world. Can you tell me a little bit more about your personal journey? My Journey has been a very interesting one. I was a young mum, born and raised in London and originally had aspirations of becoming someone working in finance. But becoming a mum made me want to be and do more for the wider world, once I could do the best for mine as well. Whilst being pregnant both times, I took a BTEC Business course. Then, soon after my second child was born, I went to university, studied business finance and finished my degree. After completing my degree, I found it really difficult to get a job, because I didn’t have any experience. I then decided i [...]

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