Dovile Svilaite Change Your Mindset for a Happy And Successful Life By Fatima Gorezi  Dove is a Transformational Life Coach and Theta Brain Waves Energy Healer coming from a corporate law environment. Specialised in business, international banking and finance law, Dove worked as a qualified lawyer in the City of London, outsourcing services for in-house legal teams and law firms, global corporations and boutique firms, magic circle law firms and international banks. Her long journey searching the truth has ultimately evolved into Transformational Life Coaching and Energy Healing – using her wisdom, psychic gifts and talents, she devotes herself to empowering, helping, healing and transforming people’s lives to find balance between love, career, health and finances. Dove has discovered that working with energy is the most fascinating and rewarding work she has ever done. She believes that the human brain is the most powerful, yet one of the most complex organs in the human body. What is your background and how would you describe your early life? I am very lucky and blessed to have a loving family, filling me with great memories as a child – big birthday parties, holidays by the sea. Yet since I was little, I have always been ambitious, hard-working, curious and open minded. I loved dancing, arts, sports, learning cultures and languages.  My passion for dancing lasted for 12 years back home in Lithuania. It taught me numerous virtues such as discipline, team work, resilience, patience and reaching for perfection by practice. Whilst travelling the world dancing, my [...]

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