By Kicki Pallin Caprice Bourret has appeared on over 350 magazine covers across the globe, and during a period of her life she was one of the most photographed women in the world. Her very prominent career as a model also brought her to acting, participating in and hosting around 200 movies and TV shows. Today Caprice is the Founder of By Caprice and she lives the life of a successful business woman, mother and wife. She has created her foundation from working hard, choosing the right team – and giving back to the world. How would you describe your journey from a modelling career to becoming an entrepreneur, and building a business from scratch? Initially it wasn’t smooth sailing… The stereotype of being a model and a woman haunted me, but you know, I just didn’t give up. I think that’s the key with anything, you gotta fight for it and in the initial stages of starting a business, you will fall, not once, not twice but multiple times. The trick is you gotta keep getting back up and you will eventually succeed. You are a very strong and determined businesswoman, who not only has demonstrated powerful self-belief but also has invested your own money into your business. What is the secret behind your success? Investing in a good team, and don’t be greedy. If you need to take a slight hit on your margins, do so to give your customer a better and a more competitive product. Be original. When you start a business make sure that sector is not over saturated in the market. Then, find a niche in the market and attack. By Caprice has go [...]

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