We Can Change the World Izabella, Ashsish, Stella and AnYes are four independent women from four different countries living in London. I met them at different times and circumstances but while building relationships and co-creating with each other I could see how much they have in common, and now they are friends. While reading their stories, you will see the values they share that contribute for a better world. Photo Credit: Franco Cruzat Photo Credit: Franco Cruzat Ashish Paul I Find Happiness in Simple Things Ashish describes herself as a BEing, a living BEing, a quantum BEing, a global BEing, a loving BEing. In addition to this, Ashish is a Healer (Vaidya) and a Mum. She would not like any more labels apart from these. Ashish is constantly becoming and un-becoming something. So, you could say she is a woman on the change that wants to see around her. Photo Credits: Franco Cruzat The influence of your birthplace I was born and brought up in a small town Jalandhar of Punjab in the North of India and moved to the UK in 1998. The language that I learnt and my way of living up until 1998 were heavily influenced by this place. I would say my world vision was too small. Since then I have had the privilege of visiting various places within the UK, Europe, Canada and USA. So the influence has reduced significantly over these years. However, I have to admit that certain ways of my thinking were because I came from a small town. Memories from your childhood I remember my childhood to be a happy one. I was a happy child and used to love going to school and did extremely well a [...]

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