Calling women in business – help cool the Earth this festive season! By Clare Dubois  This is a call to the part of you that loves this world, that knows that all is far from well, and that is searching for a way to make more of a relevant, meaningful, difference. Yes, Christmas is supposed to be a magical break. As nature rests, we too are invited to slow down and renew ourselves before another frantic year. But too often Christmas is also frantic, not just for ourselves as we answer the countless needs and expectations of our culture and our families, but also for the planet.  How many of us consider giving back to the one who gives us everything, at Christmas? How many of us are allowing ourselves to truly take on board the immensity of both the challenge and invitation of climate change, and acting appropriately. What would appropriate even look like? What if it looked like women in business making choices that quite literally changed the face of our world?  Why not? We have everything to lose now, so if there was ever a time for gutsy, radical leadership that redefined business as a force for good on behalf of the planet, it’s now. As the UN’s recent Emissions Gap Report calls for drastic action to slow climate change to prevent impending environmental meltdown, I am calling for a revolution on behalf of Nature.  A revolution on behalf of Nature requires a powerful revolution in the way we think and behave. It requires a preparedness to let go of a version of self, a set of unexamined assumptions and countless expectations that have defined what it means to b [...]

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