Danna Hoffmann  By respecting  your body, you will empower your mind! By Fatima Gorezi Danna Hoffmann is a passionate health and lifestyle coach, fun loving and a mother of two. She started her entrepreneurship journey with Miso Cute Cooking – offering healthy cooking courses for kids and their parents – over 5 years ago, but has been on a healthy-lifestyle journey since 2010. She is a proud graduate of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. While she started studying and investigating, she found some amazing experts to follow, and although it took her a good few years, she has managed to find a diet-free, deprivation-free, hunger-free lifestyle! She helps women to reach a healthier lifestyle where they can also enjoy the food they eat, the extra energy they gain and live in a sustainable manner! What was the process like to become a health coach and public speaker? What types of training & massive actions did you take to get there? I consider many events and periods in my life to have lead me to what I do, and what I am today. I have always had a passion for public speaking; as a young girl I wanted to be an actor, and found myself on stage often. That passion grew over the years, as I found more and more I wanted to say and share with the world. Health was always a topic that interested me. My grandmother, the woman I spent most of my childhood with, was always in the kitchen, preparing us what she considered the healthiest. I practically grew up at grandma’s house. During the week and on weekends we would spend every waking hour there. On Friday ev [...]

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