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As the wonderful summer holidays are fading into a distant memory and autumn has arrived with a busy time of activity for many of us, we held our tenth Business Networking Breakfast at the Houndsditch office near Liverpool Street in London. This is a regular event now for our Global Woman Business Club where about 30 women entrepreneurs come together each month to share their business stories.


Our aim is to connect professional and business women around the world, and we were celebrating together knowing that we come from different countries, different backgrounds and even being in different stages but we all have something in common: the drive and the passion to succeed in business.



Global Woman Business Club helps women to build their confidence and belief that they can be successful in business. We help them build their brand and create awareness about their projects through our media platform.

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Here you can read the impressions from some of the women who attended our event yesterday.

Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra 


It was an amazing experience attending the business networking event. I have attended other networking events before but never felt like this one. I just know I belong here! If you’re a business women like me looking for a opportunity to connect, network and share your story with the world. This is definitely for you! 



The Global Woman Magazine’s Exclusive Networking Breakfast is a brilliant Business Networking event. In fact, it’s so much more than that. It’s a chance to connect with other women, not just on a business level but on a personal one too. There’s tasty food, teas, coffee and lovely smoothies. Everyone has a chance to speak to the group about who they are and about their business.

What’s truly great about this networking event compared to others, is the warm and friendly atmosphere. People feel they can open up and speak from their hearts about their journeys. This means that instead of the hard business pitch you would normally hear at other events, you experience listening to incredible stories about women’s lives as well as how and why they began their companies and businesses. At times these stories pull on your heartstrings and you realise, this is what true networking and connecting is all about. It’s inspiring and motivating and every single lady leaves feeling supported, empowered and ready to take on the world.

And my message is: Make sure that whatever it is you are doing, creating, selling or promoting, it is in alignment with your heart and soul. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do it. You can! Never give up on your dreams. If you believe it, you can achieve it. Do it with a good heart and a smile on your face. 

Alexandra De Faucigny


I have been to several Business Networking events since I started my business but not many like this one. What was special in this one is that Mirela, by sharing her experience and telling us that it was okay to be vulnerable, helped everybody to relax and share the true reasons why they decided to create their own business.

Yesterday, I listened to many heart-breaking stories and even if I had some tears in my eyes, I felt it was very positive, as all these women used their difficulties to create amazing businesses. Listening to those experiences also helped me to boost my confidence and to leave the room thinking that I can also make my dream comes true

And I left with a message: Don’t try to be what you think the others want you to be! Don’t say what you think people would like to hear. Be true with yourself and don’t be afraid to tell who you are, why you really started your business and what you want to bring to people and you will shine.

Betty Fernanda Encinales Ortiz


Extraordinary experience at the business network event @Global woman. I had the opportunity to network with a great number of inspiring professionals and like-minded entrepreneurs that truly empowered me and make me feel really proud of being a businesswoman. Every entrepreneur has a great story to tell on how they started this challenging journey. It was a privilege to hear each story and how we all overcome the obstacles in our personal and business environments and what truly keep us motivated. I think I learned a lot from each woman that took part in the event and certainly will like to keep in contact.

And my message would be:
Size the opportunities– Don’t be afraid to try new challenges and  try to seize every opportunity that comes your way. 

Have a passion! Show love and care in the work you do, every successful business has a sparkle.  

Dream BIG! We only have one life so you are allowed to dream big and have a great vision of your business, a vision without limits and then follow a plan to make that dream happen. 

Have your own voice – Don’t be afraid to do things differently and have your own voice. This world needs more people that express new ideas


Comments made on social media 🙂 

An inspiring morning at Global Woman attending their Business Networking Breakfast. A joy to meet so many amazing ladies and hearing their incredible story.  – Sam McGratty

It is truly a great pleasure to know you and be part of your incentives! You connect so many wonderful inspiring women together. I am still amazed by all their stories. Blissful! 🙂 Thank you for having us! Alexandra Cichuta

I was honoured to present to a room full of amazing women who are leading the way for so many others. have created a beautiful, inspiring and empowering community. Thank you Mirela Sula for inviting me to be a part of it.  Sharmila Soosaipillai


Massive thank you to Mirela Sula for inviting me back to Global Woman Magazine‘s Exclusive Networking Breakfast this morning! What an inspiring, fun, empowering, amazing group of ladies to spend a morning with. I feel so proud and honoured to be part of this wonderful group of brilliant women. I’ll be writing a Blog post about this event soon – Anna Christina

Another wonderful breakfast meeting at Global Woman headquarters.
Lovely to see a lot of new women entrepreneurs! – Ashish Paul

Thanks Mirela Sula…you are wonderful inspiration to many women like me. I am really thankful for such a wonderful opportunity. – Varalakshmi Yanamandra 

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