Building women up emotionally and spiritually to feel better and take action   Merrisha Gordon is a Senior Manager in the NHS and runs her own life coaching business. After pursuing studies in Law and Politics, Merrisha spent 18 years operationally leading health services, transforming care for local people.  With a real interest and passion for mental health and emotional well-being, she pursued psychological studies, clinical training and life coaching. Merrisha is passionate about working with women to equip them with a tool kit which moves them from a position of struggle to one of strength, reflecting on the many experiences she herself experienced and had to recover from. Merrisha is currently writing her first book,  ‘The Strong Woman’s Handbook: How to move from struggle to strength’ that aims to strengthen women mentally and emotionally. She joined the Global Woman by accident, but is so glad for the opportunity to meet likeminded women. “Global Woman opened my eyes and challenged my limiting beliefs about possibilities which were all within reach, and for the first time I didn’t think that my background, age, bank balance  and most importantly gender could stop me from being successful.’’ – says Merrisha. What made you enter the coaching industry initially? Was it conviction, motivation or just coincidence? Becoming a Life Coach and supporting others’ growth has always been at my core. In my twenties I forged a career as a Senior NHS Manager. I managed diverse staff, and often used coaching techniques without knowing what they [...]

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