Building Remote Work Relationships By Sonya Arora Sonya Arora is a Scientist with nearly two decades of experience in Clinical Research, leading global teams.  She is a mentor and champion for future talent both professionally and in the local community.     More and more people are working remotely, with Marketwatch predicting that this will account for 50 percent of employees by 2020. While this has significant benefits for business growth and productivity, it can be challenging when trying to build relationships with people you work with, but never meet face to face.   Positive work relationships are critical to business success. They help increase motivation, productivity and revenue – and they are often key to successful career progression. A Gallup study found disengaged employees cost companies $300bn in lost productivity each year, highlighting the importance of a happy and effective workforce. This is just as true away from the traditional office setting.   So much of our communication is non-verbal, with facial expressions and body language both playing important roles in conveying the right message. For instance, when working from home, simply relying on a phone call can result in many missed nuances, with text and email reducing this information stream to a trickle. It’s great to meet up with remote colleagues if there’s an opportunity to do so. But in a world where work culture is becoming increasingly virtual, how can you build positive relationships without ever being face to face?   Having worked remotely with global teams for most of m [...]

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