Jason Ivory The UK is a force for good during this crisis British Deputy Ambassador to Tirana Albania, Jason Ivory and 3300 of the British Diplomatic are families are running a Global, socially distanced, non stop 24 hour relay today to raise funds for NHSCharities and UNICEF. By Mirela Sula He and his wife, Sue are displaced from their overseas posting of Tirana Albania after returning home for a funeral and getting ‘stuck’. They were booked into a holiday cottage for six nights at Spain’s Hall Estate, Finchingfield, Essex and that has become a stay of seven weeks (so far) with special thanks to the Spains Hall Estate team for continuing to accommodate them. He set out this morning around the Essex countryside and completed 13.1KM (having only taken up running three weeks ago). Numerous British Diplomats and their families at this time are separated across borders due to the CoVid-19 pandemic and the working roles of Diplomatic staff have shifted as they follow differing countries rulings and work remotely. We had the chance to have a conversation with Jason and ask him to tell us more about this great initiative. Can you tell us more about this initiative? The global marathon is the brainchild of Dr Ian Collard, acting Ambassador to Afghanistan, and his wife Tamara. With global flight restrictions, Ian’s 3,500-mile separation from Tamara and their children has forced them to find creative ways to stay united as a family during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pair knew their situation was not unique in the department and decided the marathon would be a good way to [...]

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