Blerina Boci  ‘Seeing the world from a different angle’ By Fati Gorezi Blerina Boci has worked in psychology and education for the last 20 years. She is the director of “Elbasan Autism Center”, an organization with a mission to provide expert assessment, treatment and support services to individuals and families affected by ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’. She has dedicated over seven years to helping individuals with autism to lead healthy, productive lives and reach their full potential. In this article she shares with us details from her journey and how this journey has transformed her life for the better. For the last seven years, you have run the ‘Elbasan Autism Center’. How would you describe this journey? It is a natural journey that followed a passion and later took the form of a profession. It started as an early dream, to be part of the world of child psychology, continued with the dedication of a woman who recognizes the responsibility for family joy. Now it exists as an irreplaceable work pleasure compare with nothing else. It is a life of dedication to children with autism who know how to give only inexhaustible sincerity and an optimistic thirst for feeling and enjoying the world around them. I had to make a transition after several years of teaching and education as a psychologist. It was a journey that flowed more than I could ever ask for. It was, in fact, years and years that conveyed to me the conviction that the key that opens the door of happiness and motivation to a child is smiles and love. I consider both of them as the proper pathways [...]

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