Being pregnant throughout Covid-19 What unexpected anxieties may it bring? Delilah Kealy-Roberts  Pregnancy can feel incredibly daunting. Bringing new life into the world is an incredible experience but expecting mums can often feel anxious and unprepared. In the current climate, pregnant women are undergoing more uncertainty than ever. During this time, women and their families must take all the precautions recommended by the UK government, including self-isolation and social distancing. As well as this, pregnant women need to take good care of their own mental health and wellbeing, thinking creatively about how to get the care and resources they need despite these most difficult of times. On Monday 16th March, pregnant women were officially encompassed in a “vulnerable group” by the chief medical officer. Naturally, this announcement has led to distress and anxiety, especially as there’s little information currently about the impact Covid-19 could have on pregnant women and new-born babies. Let’s look more closely at the advice that pregnant women should be following and explore the ways that they can cope with pregnancy during the Covid-19 outbreak with the help of a very trusted source, Lil – Lets. What does the official advice tell us? Although there have been no specific dangers linking Covid-19 to pregnancy, it is still of vital importance to take any precautionary measures possible as there are still many unknowns about the exact nature of Covid-19. Self-isolation should therefore be practiced by pregnant women wherever possible. On the 20th March, t [...]

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