Mirjana Krisanovic – Life through my eyes   By Evana Simo  Mirjana Krisanovic is an international actress producer and career coach based in Sweden. Her prospective, talent, kindness and drive are unmatched.  Blind at 10 years old, besides acting, Mirjana has an amazing experience in singing, dancing and modeling. Her passion goes beyond this because she is a mountain climber too! It has been a long and tough way for her to achieve these things in her life. During the last few, years Mirjana Krisanovic has worked as an inspirational speaker and actress and she has won many awards. She held an inspirational speech at the Swedish Oscar gala. She is the main-actress, producer and script-writer of “Look through my eyes – the movie”. In 2017 she was one of the finalist in the competition “Holman prize” for the most inspiring blind person in the world. 2018 Mirjana Krisanovic won second place in a completion “best speaker on stage” by Talarforum Stockholm. She wants to inspire people and show that sky is the limit. Her vision is to be a role model and prove that she can do anything although she is blind. The next challenge for Mirjana Krisanovic was “World Championship of Performing Arts” in LA, where she attended as an actress. She performed 3 monologues and she won 2 silver medals for her acting in 2 categories. An outstanding achievement due to the fact that she was the only blind competitor in the whole championship. She wants to share her message with the whole world: “There are no obstacles for you, only opportunities”. Mirjana, you have [...]

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