Aygul Macbeth ‘Financial Freedom and building a support network’ By Fati Gorezi Aygul Macbeth is an “Accommodation and Relocation Specialist and “Property Investor” at ‘Hearthfire Property Investments Ltd’ based in the UK. She works in the property business including ‘Rent 2 Rent’ where she subleases other people’s properties (houses and flats), decorates them and rents them out either as a whole house or room by room, depending on potential, location and property layout. Here she shares with us details about her business, her success tips and the turning point of her life that gave her the drive to improve and go further to teach and guide other property entrepreneurs to fuel their own goals and ambitions.   What are a few of your success stories regarding your journey as an entrepreneur? Every project has its own challenges, especially, if you choose a different strategy (Serviced Accommodation, for example, as a whole house as opposed to separate rooms) and different areas (Newark as opposed to Derby) So after we finished the project in Newark, I put it on an AirB&B platform at 1AM. At 8.30AM the following day I had to take my husband to the hospital and spend the whole day with him in A&E. In between tests and coffee runs I had it in the back of my mind that I hadn’t heard anything about the ad. However, as I was pre-occupied with my husband’s health condition, I didn’t think about it too much. At 3PM I received the first enquiry for 35 nights for the local theatre with a potential leading to future contracts. By that time, my hus [...]

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