Renée Rodríguez -Awaken your full sexual potential and power By Ellen Smith Renee Rodriguez is Mexican, a joyful mother and wife, and an international businesswoman. The orgasmic and transformational births of her two sons created her life purpose: “To inspire and guide women to have orgasmic lives and orgasmic births”. She can best contribute to the world by changing painful births to pleasurable ones. Renee believes that the connection with our sexuality and our body influences the way we live and the way we birth. Tell us about yourself and what do you do? I’m a joyful woman in an awakening journey where I stopped doing and I started being. Giving birth twice in an orgasmic state revealed to me the healing power of our sexual energy and made me connect with my own body and sexuality from a spiritual level. These experiences gave me the gift of truly connecting with my inner wisdom and guided me towards my life purpose: to inspire and guide women to live orgasmic lives and have orgasmic births. I founded the company “”, through online courses, workshops and retreats we guide and help woman to connect themselves with their inner wisdom, trust in the magic of their bodies, learn how to exchange pain for pleasure and fear for love; not only when giving birth but throughout their lives. Why did you choose this profession? What are your credentials? When I decided to start this journey, which I don’t see as a “profession” but rather a life mission; the first concern I had was not having any “certification”. However, a great coach told me th [...]

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