Award winning Chrissy B produces and hosts the UK’s ONLY TV show dedicated to mental healthand wellbeing. She is also the founder of the MHDChallenge (Mental Health Dance Challenge) the world’s 1st ever dance encouraging people to fight back against depression. Websites: & Email:   Dear Chrissy  I’m a wife, mother to two wonderful young children and a business woman. While I love and appreciate my life, there are times that I feel really overwhelmed and stressed as I find it hard to keep up with so many responsibilities. Then I feel guilty if I can’t get everything done that I set out to do. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Rosie   Hi Rosie I believe you have what I call the ‘Superwoman Syndrome’. You are one amongst millions of women around the globe who give themselves a very hard time. We think we can be out the entire day making a difference in our workplaces and also have a hot meal on the table at the end of the day to feed our family and look gorgeous at the same time. And when we don’t quite make it, the guilt sets in. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why can’t we just accept the fact that we are mere mortals that also have our needs? I think the issue starts with a very beautiful quality that we have which is our nurturing spirit. We have an inbuilt system that wants to care for people, to make them happy, to do our best. Whilst this is great about us women, it also has its downside when we start to take on too much because we don’t want to let anyone down [...]

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